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The Greatest Advertising Vehicle

The Gold Coast Gazette is the best advertising vehicle you could ever use.

Why? Because thousands of people in the Gold Coast area subscribe to the Gazette to find out what's happening in their hometown. We tell them their school news, city news, village news, and what's new with their neighbors- for instance, who is getting married, or who had a baby, etc.

While they are reading their local news, they could also be reading your ad. A paid subscription list (each person pays $21 per year to subscribe) plus newsstand sales guarantees that your advertisement will be seen! Give us a call, we can help with the layout, ad copy, etc.

The Gold Coast Gazette is the newspaper of choice for the people of Glen Cove, Sea Cliff, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Locust Valley and other "Gold Coast" communities. We have been designated the "Official" newspaper of the City of Glen Cove and Village of Sea Cliff.

For more information contact Kevin Horton at 516-671-2360 or visit our "Contacting Us" page for up to date advertising rates.